Success Stories

“I started Pilates as I was feeling like I needed to do something to improve my general health/core strength. I have suffered with lower back pain intermittently for many years and I had previously been a runner but had ongoing pain in my hips. I quit running and hoped Pilates would help. It was a real effort for me initially because my previous experience of Pilates was boring, but I knew I needed to persevere.

My general well-being has improved incredibly. I feel more supple, less stiff and it’s an hour of me time every week. Hayley is great. She’s fun, easy going, and very encouraging and supportive. It’s a chance to spend an hour concentrating on me, exercising important muscles that we weaken with our sedentary lifestyles, and the breathing helps relax the mind and I’m unable to think of anything else, which is an hour of mindfulness!

I’m now not suffering with my hips when I run and I feel fantastic. I can only put it down to the ongoing Pilates and although it’s taken a couple of years to build up that strength it has got me back to where I was (and faster if I only do 1-2 miles). Thank you for all your support. Your encouragement when we try to cheat in class has really paid off. I’ll always be an advocate for Pilates. It really does work!”

Claire Robinson

“I was very stiff and had many aches and pain in my back knee and hip. I was advised to do Pilates when I had a small operation on my knee. After the first class I was hooked. Pilates has helped my knee no end and my back, I’m able to stand up much straighter. Hayley encourages us to do things I never thought possible as well as having a bit of a laugh. Although you push us to achieve things we never thought possible, you do it in a positive way. You are very encouraging. I really enjoy your classes, as they are small which means you are able to give us your time whist teaching us new moves all the time. Your classes are so friendly.”

Julie Capponi

“I started Pilates because I felt generally sluggish and lacking energy. My sister was attending Pilates classes and suggested I try some in my area but I was nervous about coming to the classes. I had reservations because I worried it might be too physical for my neck and lower back problem. Doing Pilates has definitely made me stronger over time. I like Pilates because it is a fun way of exercising. Working with Hayley has been fun. You are a good patient teacher who always makes allowances for those of us older ones that can’t do the more difficult moves. I like the relaxing atmosphere of your classes and your professional attitude.”

Lorraine Goble

“I suffered quite regularly with neck and back discomfort which also meant I got headaches. I enjoy sport and being active but found my lack of strength meant I got injured; I am quite fit cardio vascular wise so felt I could do reasonably strenuous sport but found that my lack of strength and poor posture meant I ended up with aches and pains often and couldn’t achieve my goals.
I was really excited to find a local class and give Pilates a go! I guess the only reservation was about keeping it up as my work schedule each week is really different and I wasn’t sure I could commit to the same evening each week. Luckily there is flexibility to attend other classes, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to attend regularly enough.

Classes have helped me slowly build up some strength – In the past I have tried to progress my fitness goals too quickly but Pilates has given me the structure to get fit in the “correct” way. Also, I like how I can make the classes work around my availability each week.

It has been great having Hayley as the instructor. You are so patient and even though it is a group class, it feels like you genuinely care about each individual person and our own goals. I love coming to Pilates as it is an hour I can focus on myself and not think about anything else! I genuinely always feel great afterwards and it gives me confidence that I can get stronger and enjoy more sport without aches, pains and injury!”

Rose Spence

“I’ve found the Pilates classes excellent and feel much stronger because of them. Going to class each week keeps me feeling more positive about myself. I find that you are encouraging without being over the top which is important, but I also appreciate the suggestions you give to ensure I keep improving. I like the challenges of moving on to harder exercises. I would definitely recommend your classes, thanks for all the hard work you put in”
Sam Agnew


“I started Yoga after recovering from an operation. I wanted to try something different that helped tone/strengthen my body but also help me to relax. I had hip/back aches, suffered with tension headaches mainly due to stress. I’m not usually very good at relaxing or sitting still, was also worried about looking silly and not being able to do the exercises. I think yoga has helped me with my posture as I feel I stand straighter/taller, I also have less back ache and fewer tension headaches. Working with Hayley is great! She’s happy, motivational and understands that everyone in class is different and may have struggles body wise at times, she offers great advice on how to help those aches/pains. We also have giggles along the way, so makes exercise fun. The best thing is the friendliness!”

Lisa Oakley

“I was a little dubious about online classes as had never used Zoom before and wasn’t sure how it would work. I’ve enjoyed working online. The classes have helped me to stay focused. At first, I thought that I could just search on YouTube for some Pilates classes but now I realise doing it this way is much better. It’s good for my mental health as it allows me to remain in contact with the real world and knowing that you are watching, encouraging, correcting us is far better than trying to just do it myself. I like having you there to guide us and encourage us through the class.”
Jill Sale

“I was intrigued starting classes online. The instructions for set-up were really good and once I’d had a little practice it was fine. I was a little apprehensive at first, just thought it wouldn’t be the same as a physical class but I actually enjoy it just as much. I like the fact that I don’t have to drive to class… Straight onto the mat and in class. It’s brilliant. It’s really comfortable doing the classes in my own house. It’s great having the recordings to go through the class at leisure too. The best things about online classes is no travelling to lessons, privacy, confidence knowing Hayley can see you and feedback if necessary. Clear view of exercises on screen and good audio.”
Xanthe Hackett

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